jon huntsman secretary of state

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

jon huntsman junior, the kinder, gentler, richer version of mitt romney, is being considered for the number 2 role in the US state department. is this a good thing or a bad thing? the billionaire, who was briefly considered for the secretary of state position,  has a completely uncontroversial resume–that is if you don’t consider the mormon church a cult. at the moment he sits on a number of boards for mostly uncontroversal companies. and given that he’s less charismatic than his partner in morman crime, mitt romney, he probably has no problem with signing a contract pledging to avoid lobbying the US government 5 years after termination (or resignation). which means that michael flynn will resurface in about 2022. we would say anything and anyone is better than john bolton. huntsman appointment might even help plug some leaks and partially mollify the deep state, which bill kristol from the weekly standard recently tweeted that he preferred to the trump state. but perhaps he actually meant trump steaks.

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