macron kisses the ring

Friday, March 17th, 2017

emmanuel macron, france’s leader of the en marche! party and former finance minister in the francois hollande governnent was in germany yesterday meeting with chancellor angela merkel. the center of influence in the EU has traditionally been the german-french axis. march 25th marks the 60th anniversary of the treaty of rome and the founding of a union that held a number of names until it was renamed the european union. the 6 founding members, which we must point out did not include the united kingdom, have in the end consistently managed to find diplomatic solutions to problems that 100 years ago would have led to war and the destruction of the benelux countries and a march towards russia.

this week, holland, a founding member withstood its own test. next month and in may, so will france. will the babyfaced macron–the former banker, leading a so-called movement which is most likely an idea crafted by francois hollande and his ex-socialist minister (macron) prevail?

here is one conspiracy theory: with an approval rating of 4% hollande realized he stood no chance in getting re-elected. we suspect macron is being used as a proxy for the socialist party. but on the other hand, it never made sense that a former banker was essentially the member of a 21st century communist party.

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