flynn facts strike back

Friday, March 31st, 2017

back in february (which seems like a really long time ago). we predicted that michael flynn would rise again and come back to haunt the trump administration. should flynn have been fired for misleading vice president pence about his contacts with the russian embassador or should he have been sent out on the talk shows to apologize for making pence look like an idiot? either way, it wasn’t as if this topic was ever going away. now flynn has resurfaced, offering to testify before congress about contacts between russia and the trump transition team in return for immunity. this could quite possibly also include contact prior to the transition. there is a story out there from 2016 of donald trump junior meeting with russians in paris to discuss. we will look for the link.

in the 1980s, the reagan administration gave the world the iran-contra scandal and made a minor celebrity out of oliver north, who went on to having his own AM radio talk show and run for congress. in the 1970s the nixon administration gave the world g. gordy liddy–who also re-invented himself as a radio talk show god. the virtually scandal-free george h.w. bush administration only begat wolf blitzer, colin powell and “read my lips. no new taxes.” while the bill clinton adminstration gave us monica lewinsky and kenneth star. looks like trump has really taken his followers back in time to the period when the USA was “great” and riddled with potentially dangerous political scandals. yes we have conviently left out george w. bush and barack obama. but their problems were different.

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