as bannon goes so goes kushner

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

we here at a blog about whatever, never thought the u.s. president’s chief strategist steve bannon was the puppetmaster of the u.s. white house. there are tons of rumours floating around about bannon being on the way out, the mercer family (trump’s billionaire backers) reviewing the situation and jared kushner (trump’s son-in-law) being on a rampage.

the globalists and the goldman sachs bankers, whom trump railed against from the beginning of the GOP primaries in 2015 until his inauguration in 2017 are now deeply embedded in the trump white house. they are all friends of friends of friends of jared kushner (cronyism anyone?) and ivanka trump (nepotism anyone?). now apparently the alt-right are railing against the jews dominating the white house. is that politically incorrect? maybe. but now that we live in the 21st century, people can say what they want about asians (john mccain called king jong-un a fat kid) and hispanics (we won’t even go there) we would argue that this mean there are no longer any protected groups against free speech. as dr. ben carson, now head of housing for urban development, said in his congressional hearings 2 months ago, nobody gets super rights.

back to bannon. he is in for a flynn type of ride. trump won’t say he backs bannon, according to the washingtonpost, trump now claims that bannon wasn’t around for very long of the campaign. the far left political TV channel the young turks asked whose worse, steve bannon or justin kurshner. and now the trump kids after 2 years of their father disparaging foreigners, the disabled, jews, blacks, germans, swedes and just about everyone except the english, have decided they are concerned about the longterm effects on the trump brand. as cenk from the young turks might say, you can’t make this stuff up. maybe kushner is angry because a chinese firm dropped out of buying his family’s gigantic building in manhattan which carries the ominous address of 666. given that some people believe we are currently re-living the book of revelations (all the key cities mentioned in this book are located in turkey, btw), for the born again christians who held their noses and voted for trump, this could get beyond creepy.

but we think there’s no coincidence between bannon being removed from the national security council (which he should not have been appointed to) and one day later the US attacking syria. since bannon belongs to the isolationist wing of the alt-right one could imagine that these views got him pushed off the nsc 1 day prior to the US attacking syria.

this puts trump in trouble on multiple levels. who bombs a country in the middle of no-where based on video he’s seen on MSNBC–which we all know is trump’s channel of choice. he’s completely abandoned the libertarian wing of the republican party, which holds the 4M votes he needs to get re-elected. these people (who should never be confused with the alt-right despite both being isolationists) will never vote for him now.

we think trump can try to pivot all he wants to the center, but no democrat will  vote for him in 2018. the republican party members mostly feel they won their seats on their own given that the so-called head of their party (a democrat in disguise) won the presidency with a plurailty of the popular vote and basically has no mandate at all.

according to a quick search on google, apparently bannon believes he will be pushed out by summer. what will trump do without the support of andrew breitbart’s blog? and now that bill o’reilly is being pushed out at fox, trump won’t have any media outlets left on his side as james murdoch (the founder of rawkus records, who is definitely a globalist and helped carry roger ailes out last summer) seems to have the upper hand at fox.

but the questions about trump’s son-in-law jared kushner run far deeper. why was he involved in talking with the russian ambassador during the trump’s transition phase?and why was he speaking with a russian bank during the transition, given that the majority of these companies are on the US sanctions list? trump and kushner oversee the mercantilist wing of the white house. people who see every meeting as an opportunity to enrich their bottom line. this is corruption on a third-world african country level. now we see that trump’s taste in women from third-world countries soaked in tribalism has had a greater influence on him than one would have thought.


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