like father like son? kushner vs. jail

Friday, April 14th, 2017

the democrats are doubling down on questioning the ties between donald trump and the trumpeteers (aka the trump transition team) to the dark side of russia. because we don’t like saying “the russians” here. we will use the term the “dark side of mother russia” and/or some variation of this euphemism until the end of time. the dems want jared kushner’s security clearance revoked due to his having failed to mention all of his contacts to foreigners and all things foreign when he applied for a security clearance. given that maybe kushner (aka the whisperer) presently has too much say about what country trump might attack and when, this is probably a good call. despite how much the dems despise steve bannon, at least bannon has a master’s degree in national security. or at least he claims to have one.

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