le pen upends macron

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

how exciting is the french presidential election? today marine le pen showed up unannounced to a whirlpool plant in amines (in northern france) while emmanual macron was there meeting with union leaders. le pen walked around taking selfies with the workers while macron met with union leaders. was this a coup. given that the plant is being threatened with being moved to poland, what is most effective is to work directly with the trade unions and with management. macron was effective in later coming out and speaking directly with workers. en marche’s youtube channel has recently posted of macron speaking with the employees and his response to le pen’s attempted disruption.

as you might be able to guess. we are not exactly huge fans of le pen. marine is like a mix of the UK’s corbyn and the US’s ted cruz. in the end one could not buy into ted cruz because everyone knows that most americans think flat taxers are nuts. and with marine le pen, ultimately we know that her call for france to leave the euro would destroy france’s economy and take the world down with it. it would be like what would happen if aliens were to hover over earth with a giant magnet.

anyone whether or the right or left even if he is a sucker for the simple solutions of populists, instinctively knows that if one day poof! the euro is gone and then poof! the franc re-appears–that this slight of hand involves more than just well, magic.

this does not mean we are for emmanuel macron. as we think he’s a plant by france’s socialist party and we are very against socialism. the proof that socialism and wealth re-distribution does not work is seen in the millions of people from the former soviet block countries such as lithuania and poland streaming into the country that produced adam smith. but we recognized that francois hollande and his government made the attempt to losen the screws on the closed labor markets. but french people are very conservative with a small “c” and have angst about losing what is left of what they have. which has led to hollande’s 4% approval rating and him not running for re-election. but more about that later.

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