jean-marie le pen or bannon

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

on monday jean-marie le pen, the founder of france’s far right front nationale party public aired advice to his daughter. he said that he thought she had not been aggressive enough in the first round of the presidential election. marine le pen claims to have tossed her father out of the front nationale. but days later marine le pen spontaneously shows up at a factory where emmanuel macron, the en marche!’s presidential candidate, was scheduled to speak and meet with union leaders.

it is the same story with le pen. in around about way she is using eastern europe and the european union as a whipping boy. despite her sitting in the european parliament and earning around 85K EURearning around 85K EUR (just under 100K USD) as a base salary, 69K EUR for expenses which is provided to MEPs in a lump payment. if you are from a developed country, this is not a lot of money. especially for a woman who grew up in a castle that is valued at 5M EUR (which she and her sister will inherit) with a wonderful view of paris and lived on the estate until recently.

but who is advising le pen? steve bannon? conspiracy theorists might think that it is no coincidence that loads of inside information leaked about francois fillion around the time steve bannon was on donald trump’s national security councilloads of inside information leaked about francois fillion around the time steve bannon was on donald trump’s national security council at the end of january/beginning of september. how would anyone know that fillion’s wife worked with him all those years and received a salary? the perception is that fillion did something wrong. while during that period it was common for politicians have their spouses work with them and pay them a salary. but the perception of nepotism was something fillion never recovered from. so we are wondering what information bannon has passed on to le pen about emmanuel macron? given that he is only 39 it can’t be much.

even if bannon is serving as an informal adviser to marine le pen, we think that laws for countries worldwide should forbid politicans from hiring foreigners to work on political campaigns. david axelrod, barack obama’s first campaign manager and first chief of staff, worked on david millbrand’s campaign (former labour party candidate in the UK) and theresa may (who has the misfortune of sharing a name with a porn star) is reportedly using barack obama’s second campaign manager to run her spring/summer campaign.


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