right and far right media turn on ivanka

Friday, April 28th, 2017

many many people from the right are turning on ivanka trump – kushner and jared kushner. from alex jones (king of fake news) to rush limbaugh (more of a conservative radio talkshow host). last week infoward devoted an inordinate amount of video footage to detailing how ivanka was in the back pocket of globalists. so this was not triggered by ivanka’s recent visit to berlin (where she was booed by female corporatist globalists). according to politico, 61% of americans disapprove of ivanka and jared kushner being elevated to senior positions in the white house. hell, they the majority most likely would disapprove if those positions were also junior positions. partially because nepotism does not sit well with people from western democracies. donald trump is on the verge of turning the US into an annex of africa. trump may have went out of his way at every corner to mention barack obama’s father’s kenya roots. but maybe someone might want to go out of their way to mention trump’s love of all things slavic and how that particular part of the world, in terms of politics is known for cronyism, nepotisim and clientism. at this moment we would like to link to the urban dictionary’s definition of clientism as it is accurate and incredibly entertaining. we at a blog go out of our way to link to wikipedia as a source, given that wikipedia suffers from all sorts of terrible biases that come from autistic people constantly updating their website.

maybe melania trump and beavis and butthead (aka don jr and eric) are the smart ones in the trump family. better to stay in the background. no one will challenge melania too hard on trump’s behavior or boo her at a gathering, as she has made the choice to follow in the paths of former first ladies michelle obama and laura bush.

mind you, ivanka trump is not the first child to enter the white house as an adult. george w. bush and jeb bush were adults when george the elder became president. how would americans had reacted had the bush children had a political yet non-paid political position in the white house? ivanka, by accepting a political (yet unpaid) position in the white house with a president who is unpopular worldwide has opened herself up to international ridicule. she might think she is helping to humanize her father. but this is not possible anymore. not even goebbels could put a good spin on the trumpster. but shaving off trump’s combover might be the way forward.

even when george w. bush was incredibly unpopular, laura bush and the bush twins came out smelling like roses. in fact, americans now nostalgically remember the bush twins and the preppies in the white house.

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