macedonia proves downside nationalism

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

if you think that nationalism is v.v. good. you might be one who is confusing nationalism with patriotism. yes, you live in a nation-state. and we talk about the different nations around the world. but the word nationalism is tied to ethnicity. it’s the people who sit around thinking that because their blood is macedonian and not (in this case of macedonia) albanian, that they are better. nationalism is about attributing specific –dare we say magical, characteristics to your ethnicity that makes it unique. white is not an ethnicity. so in the former colonies of the united kingdom, for instance, or france, this plays out domestically as racism. a canadian nationalist, if one exists, would be one who thinks that candians have special ethnic attributes but since canadian is a nationality and not an ethnicity one could argue that it’s not possible to be a canadian nationalist. this is of course if one adheres to the 20th century definition of nationalism.

in this instance it has lead to the ruling party in macedonia–in a last ditch effort to hold onto power and cushy jobs, reportedly hiring nationalists to storm storm parliament to keep an albanian from being elected parliament speaker.

at the moment we are talking off the top of our heads, so we will steer clear of insisting that something is a fact. but from what we here at ablogaboutwhatever have read, basically, there was an election and the ruling party was not able to get enough support in parialment to form a government. the opposition parties cobbled together enough support with the center left party in pole position and in the end the albanian minority was part of this coalition. the president (from the ruling party) vetoed this grouping. but the parties moved forward to select a speaker. immediately after electing the first albanian speaker of macedonian parliament, nationalists broke into the parliamentary building and beat up the head of the center left party as well as loads of other people. reportedly this sacking of the parliament was organized and/or encouraged by the former ruling party. some think they are trying to hold onto power due to a corruption scandal that dates back to about 2015. as long as they control parliament (apparently) the members have immunity (apparently).

you can watch the video below. because this is what nationalism looks like. along with videos that provide background information from the which is a good unbiased source, then there are videos from euronews (which is partially owned by NBC) and a video from aljazeera from march that provides background information about the crisis in macedonia. both of which have their own particular biases. but we think it is good to get information from a variety of sources whenever possible.


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