marine le pen limits media access to events

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

marine le pen won’t give access to le figaro, le monde, afp and major tv stations like RTL and public TV channels BFMTV (which hosted a presidential debate in the first round of france’s election) and France 24.

is this the hand of steve bannon or former trump flunky corey lewandowski. should foreigners be allowed to destabilize a democracy?

trump by sidelining the traditional press during the primaries such as the washington post has ensured that he will forever receive negative coverage. breitbart carried trump over the finish line without a mandate. it did not have to be that way.

in france there is no alt right movement with pepe le frog memes.  le pen even had trouble getting the needed signatures to place her name on the ballot as no one but bridget bardot publicly admits to supporting front nationale.

as joe scarbourough from msnbc once said, this is an unwinnable fight.


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