fantasy the independent article gets trump wrong

Monday, May 1st, 2017

the headline in the independent newspaper says US president donald trump calls the US constitution archaic. while he did question the checks and balances set up within the system. while he did call the rules governing congress archaic, he did not specifically say that that US constitution was archaic. the originalists (who advocate an original reading of the US constitution) would argue that the US constitution is not a living breathing document that can evolve. while others, such as 4 current members of the US supreme court who were nominated by presidents from the democrat party, would argue that it is a living breathing document. it is the checks-and-balances within the original document that keeps one branch of government from dominating the democratic process and helps to reign in excess. but that is an aside. in the end, trump never said that the US constitution was archaic. was it implied, maybe. but that is not what he said in the video snippet the independent posted next to their article.

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