why are journalists running white house?

Monday, May 1st, 2017

at the beginning of donald trumps’s administration, he declared the US press corp the enemy of the american people. if this is true, why are media types embedded in trumps’ white house? given that anyone can pick up a computer and write a blog (like gawker or us), this would confirm the suspicion that journalism is not an actually a profession. it is a certification-free zone. there are only brands and the perception by the audience of these brands. but no actual quality control. anyway. there are at least 3 previous breitbart staffers embedded in the trump white house: steve bannon, sebastian gorcka and julia hahn. in the clinton, bush and obama white houses the flow from the media to the political latchkies moved in the other direction. dana paterno worked as george w. bush’s press secretary prior to taking a job at fox news. george stephanopoulos worked as bill clinton’s press secretary prior to moving to abc news.

according to the guardian, sebastian gorcka has been let go from the white house. the hungarian-brit who was working as an advisor in the trump white house, continued working as an advisor to donald trump despite having reportedly failed a security clearance for sitting on the national security council for having walked through reagan international airport with a gun. not with guns waving, we assume. more like during bag check. now get this. david axelrod, barack obama’s first campaign manager has a podcast called the ax files, that is connected to the university of chicago and cnn. corey lewandowski, donald trump’s first campaign manager admitted to once having been caught with a gun in his bag at security at a DC airportcaught with a gun in his bag at security at a DC airport–which could be the real reason he’s not working in the white house.

aside from gorcka having failed a security clearance, was a non-citizen working in the white house? while forward calls gorcka’s citizenship into question. (**this post has been updated to reflect that gorcka is a naturalized citizen of the united states, although his naturalization has recently been called into question**)

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