US prefers to put blacks in jail than school

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

donald trump and the trump administration is considering de-funding historically black colleges in the USA. as a bit of background information, these universities were set during a time when the united stated had laws banning blacks from attending universities. apparently a fund set up for the universities in 1992, under the george h.w. bush administration provides some support for assisting with infrastructure. the schools are not specifically for black students, and the students come from a wide range of backgrounds. anyone can apply and be accepted to the universities. but it is good to know and understand why these schools existed. it was only until perhaps the mid-to-late 1960s when blacks in all states were allowed to attend mainstream universities. state (public) universities across the united states receive federal funds as do some private institutions in forms of access to providing federal grants to students attending their schools. so we are not sure why trump would single out these schools, which have black, white and brown students for possible defunding. is this a nod to the far right who voted for him during the last presidential election. would these voters prefer to re-divert the money towards policing and away from education? one could argue that providing better access to education black, brown and white americans this would help lower the crime rate in the USA and help the country save the 30K plus per year per person the US spends on prisons.

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