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voter supression trump builds db

Friday, June 30th, 2017

the trump administration’s voting commission has asked all 50 US states to handover their voter rolls along with voters’ tax ID numberd. this does not bode well for democracy. is he building a giant database for fraud or to threaten and shame those who oppose him?


macron opens tech incubator in paris

Friday, June 30th, 2017

apparently it is the world’s largest. but why paris and not nice or marseille or macron’s dying hometown amiens? we are weary of countries that revolve around 1 city. that is so 20th century. since emmanuel macron has but been france’s president for a minute, we realize it is not directly his fault.

trump’s commerce secretary laughed off virtual stage in germany

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

the US commerce secretary wilbur ross cancelled his appearance at an economic forum in germany this week. in the end he appeared via a video feed and was essentially laughed off the stage. not sure why the US government is disinterested in supporting its partners. as everyone learned from the 20th century, when things go wrong you need your allies. just ask the qatari government and the qatari people.

a jared kushner film

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

a blogger recently pointed out the uncanny resemblance between US prez trump’s son-in-law and the doll in the UK film The Boy.

capitalism does work just ask wonder woman

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

the wonder woman film starring gal gadot (fast and the furious) has been out in the US for 3 weeks and has passed the $300 USD mark. originally warner brothers announced it expected the boxoffice returns for the films’s opening weekend to come in at around 65M USD. the film exceeded there low expectations and made 103M USD. now the film is on target to be the best performing film from recent DC comic book films.

warner brothers signed actress gal gadot to a 3 film contract in 2014. the contracted included 2 justice league films and 1 stand-alone wonder woman film. which means that the CEO etc had low expectations of a female superhero movie. the director (also female) patty Jenkins was only signed up for 1 film. now the studio will have to cough up.

the world wide boxoffice just passed 600M USD and the film is still opening internationally, with the japan opening happening in august. we think the film is on target to hit 1B.

maybe the studio should have paid gal gadot fair market value and initially signed her up for 5 films(a trilogy plus the justice league films) like marvel did with ole what’s his name chris evans (captain america trilogy plus the avengers films). evans had previously appeared in one of the rare marvel superhero films that flopped. and had never appeared in a film with as big of an audience as the fast and the furious films.


corker trumps US arms sales to saudis

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

corker who chairs the US senate foreign relations committee has vowed to block trumps arms deal with saudi arabia until the standoff with the qatari government is over. saudi arabia along with a host of other near east countries such as egypt and bahrain instituted a blockade of qatar earlier this month and cut diplomatic ties. one of the saudis requirements for ending the blockade is to close down the public service news channel jazeera.

general david petraeus

Monday, June 26th, 2017

everytime general petraeus appears on a news broadcast, writes an op-ed piece about the US’s foreign policy or testifies before the US congress, a piece of america dies. the reality is that he should have been the next US president. could the US electorate find it in their hearts to forgive a man who made  the mistake of getting involved with his biographer given that loads of americans voted for a man wonder woman would beat to a pulp? or would someone call this white male privilege? given that petraeus is clearly a greek name, is he even white really? his balkan heritage (whose history is tied to turkey) could be why he seemingly has a grasp on the chaos of the near east. or are we just reaching?

in the video below petraeus talks about the US’s ongoing presence in Afghanistan. more recently he chastised the current US administration for cutting its state department budget as the trump administration favors more boots on the ground as opposed to preventative measures. who gains from the US putting more troops in subsaharan africa? if the administration fears corruption, nepotism, cronyism and clientelism well then maybe they have a point. but the bush journey into nation building did not make the US more safe. and a greater presence of US military will only aid those who work in the service sectors catering to the military. long-term investment in developing countries is a win-win situation for US businesses and the US and the western world’s longterm security. loads of men in their 20s with no hope and nothing to do surrounding by well armed foreigners doesn’t really seem like either a good short-term or long term solution. it looks more like occupying forces.

comey don’t play that

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

watch the james comey testimony live. we hope you brought lots of beer, coffee, or tea.