capitalism does work just ask wonder woman

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

the wonder woman film starring gal gadot (fast and the furious) has been out in the US for 3 weeks and has passed the $300 USD mark. originally warner brothers announced it expected the boxoffice returns for the films’s opening weekend to come in at around 65M USD. the film exceeded there low expectations and made 103M USD. now the film is on target to be the best performing film from recent DC comic book films.

warner brothers signed actress gal gadot to a 3 film contract in 2014. the contracted included 2 justice league films and 1 stand-alone wonder woman film. which means that the CEO etc had low expectations of a female superhero movie. the director (also female) patty Jenkins was only signed up for 1 film. now the studio will have to cough up.

the world wide boxoffice just passed 600M USD and the film is still opening internationally, with the japan opening happening in august. we think the film is on target to hit 1B.

maybe the studio should have paid gal gadot fair market value and initially signed her up for 5 films(a trilogy plus the justice league films) like marvel did with ole what’s his name chris evans (captain america trilogy plus the avengers films). evans had previously appeared in one of the rare marvel superhero films that flopped. and had never appeared in a film with as big of an audience as the fast and the furious films.


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