trump silent on american killed in greece

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

thus far there are almost 700 comments about bakari hendersen, a 22 year old american college student killed in greece. according to the washington post, he was beat up by 10 people inside and outside a club with the main perpetrators being a brit of serbian origin who worked at the club and a greek person who also worked at the club. after attempting to flee the club apparently the student was set upon by up to 10 people, most of whom were serbs. this situation is terrible on multiple levels.

maybe trump has not mentioned anything about this incident that occurred 2 days ago because the dead dude is from texas, and trump has texas in the bag for 2020. but he might remember that the dead guy went to school in arizona. arizona. you know. the swing state. or maybe trump doesn’t care because the student is a black american and he believes he was actually hiding the fact that he was born in kenya.

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