airbnb host caught on camera shoving guest

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

the beauty of the internet, camera phones and the internet of things, is that in the 21st century life has been made a bit more transparent. 20 years ago someone would hear a rumour that x,y,z had happened to their friend who rented an apartment. we would be outraged, but perhaps a bit sceptical. sometimes people make decisions in the heat of the moment that are perhaps clouded by a personal bias. one would assume that if one were to stay at the holiday inn that the probability of the manager pushing you down a flight of stairs would be minimal. so perhaps this is an argument for the advantages of staying at a hotel as opposed to a tiny apartment in amsterdam or anywhere else for that matter.

airbnb has gotten infront of the potential problem. which is good. it is a good service that provides normal people with the opportunity to earn extra money. given that wages are relatively low and stagnant in parts of the developed world, this is appreciated by a lot of people.


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