the african union challenges trump

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

after trump made sh@itty comments about el savador, haiti and the continent of africa, the 55 member africa union (initially founded in the 1960s includes 54 countries on the continent plus the island of madagascar) has challenged trump to clarify exactly which of the countries on the continent are sh@t holes. in the bbc article we link to, illinois senator dick durbin confirms in an on camera interview that the US president made the sh@tty comments. the continent has many challenges. but trump is living in the wrong century. an opposition leader in the ghana government is calling on the countries in emerging markets to boycott the US while donald trump is in office. given that the continent has 1.2B people and is a reliable trading partner doing 400B USD per year of trade with china, americans should be made aware that this so-called sh@t place has trading partners in the US. seriously. some countries on the continent such as rwanda have already slapped high tariffs on clothing coming from the US causing a projected loss of more than 40K jobs in the USA. we believe this happened following trump’s nigerians live in huts comments. last we heard the USA is still an oil dependent country filled with petro-guzzling autos nobody outside the US wants. yes we said oil. oil–most of which is located in africa. thinking of the north as being seperate from the southern part of the continent is straight out of the 19th century. also, the majority of minerals elon musk needs to power his tesla mobiles is located in the undemocratic republic of congo. in the 1970s OPEC caused an international energy crisis that affected the US quite harshly and that along with the crisis, at that time, in iran, helped push jimmy carter out of office. libertarians (known as economic liberals outside north america) believe international trade and the free flow of people is a win-win situation. it is a winner for deutschland. it is why germany, despite having a population about 25% the size of the US is the 2nd largest importer in the world. also people like to trade with countries with friendly leaders, not tyrants.

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