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alexandra shulman from vogue speaks up about skinng models

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

it seems that heroin chic is officially over. peaches and pixie geldolf –the scene girls as they’re called in this london times article calls them.

alexandra shulman, editor of the highly influential vogue magazine has had the fortune (or misfortune) of having one of her memos to leading fashion houses leaked to the press.

in the memo she talks about models being sent over with jutting bones and no breasts. one model booker in the article talks about how she’s been required to find five foot ten inch women with size twenty-three waists. if one could imagine.

there is absolutely nothing wrong with thin models. and as many have noted, obesity is a much greater health issue in the developed world than anorexia. and that retailers/designers in the uk and the u.s. and most assuredly other countries continuously alter their sizes to make people feel good about themselves. various women have commented that at 18 they wore a size 5/6 in the u.s. and are now a size 0 at aged 30 when they in fact have gained weight –not a dramatic amount, mind you.