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amanda knox gets 26 years; raffaele sollecito also guilty

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

amanda knox has been sentenced to 26 years in prison for the murder of the british university student meredith kerrcher. rafaele sollectio, her italian boyfriend has been sentenced to 25 years. it’s quite impressive that the italian authorities did not buy into the white girl alibi, ‘the black guy did it’ that amanda knox gave when she was initially questioned, which has worked for centuries in the united states. it was later found that the man knox fingered, the owner of the bar where she worked had an airtight alibi himself which lead him to filing a slander chrage.


update on foxy knoxy

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

of the trio that is accused of killing the british university student meredith kercher, rudy guede, who had a fast-track trial last year in italy, has been convicted. in court a taped telephone call was produced in which guede is heard saying that amanda knox had nothing to do with the murder. but during the same conversation, he also said he was not guilty. if you’ve got babel fish, you can try to translate this article on bild zeitung.

italian newspaper responds to new york time's amanda knox hit job on the italian criminal justice system

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

the italian newspaper corriere della sera responded to the ridiculous ‘innocent abroad’ blog post from timothy egan posted on the new york times website from a couple of days ago. in the post egan bascially called the italian prosecutor inept and declared that knox is innocent because well she’s a white girl from seattle washington and attended a jesuit school. you can read the italian article here. mind you, it’s in italian.

did amanda knox and raffaele sollecito kill meredith kercher

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

for some people the answer is ‘of course’ foxy knoxy and her italian boyfriend did it. for this timothy egan who has written the worst editorializing blog entry ever for the new york timeshe believes, ‘of course she didn’t do it, because she has the face of an angle.’ well, 2 words might clear things up for this writer, ted bundy. he didn’t look like a killer either. google his last video interview on youtube and make the comparison. the american college student (knox) who had been spending a year abroad in a small village in italy dominated by college students is caught up in what some might call a show trial, in italy with sollecito, her boyfriend (who according to vanity fair always carried a penknife), over the murder of her roommate the brit meredith kercher.

meredith kercher tried to phone mother

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

according to a news report on fox news. meredith kercher, the british coed who was murdered almost 2 years ago while studying in italy. may have tried to ring her mothere while she was being attacked. american, amanda knox (aka, foxy knoxy) and her boyfriend italian raffaele sollecito, are on trial for murder. a third suspect was found guilty last year and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

third roommate of meredith kercher and amanda knox testifies

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

the third roommate of meredith kercher and amanda knox testified in an italian court on sunday. according to this article on the guardian website, filomena romanelli’s testimony won’t help amanda knox, who her former facebook and myspace pals know as ‘foxy knoxy.’ foxy knoxy’s italian boyfriend, raffaele sollecito, who once had a web blog where he famously posed with a meat cleaver, is also on trial for kercher’s murder.

amanda knox american co-ed on trial for murder in italy

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

is amanda knox having an anne hathaway moment? did she too get mixed up with a well off italian boyfriend who turned out to be not quite who she thought. or did her italian boyfriend get mixed up with an american who he didn’t really know. or is this what the italian media has protrayed as a sex game gone bad. last year about this time, her local leftie seattle weekly rag, the stranger tried to get to the bottom of the case via a free trip to italy.

when amanda knox was arrested, she did what any good american white woman would do, she fingered the black guy. lumumba, the owner of the bar where she worked. maybe this works in the u.s. but apparently it doesn’t work in italy. considering neither the guy’s fingerprints nor dna were discovered in the flat or on/in the body.

fully implicated by the italian press based on her allegedly conflicting testimony to the italian police. as well as web 2.0 including social networking sites such as her myspace page, where she was listed as ‘foxy knoxy,’ her facebook page, and random videos on youtube like the one below which show her considerably drunk and beyond obnoxious.

with the evidence that has been laid out and presented by the italian police and laid out by the italian media, it could be concluded (but not definitively) that knox along with her boyfriend had a hand in the killing and perhaps the question is to what degree. but we won’t know this until the end of the trial. and even then, perhaps we will never know the truth. the question for the court could ultimately be whether or not she was directly involved (30 years) or knew what was happening or had happened and helped cover it up and failed to ring the police (15 years).

the italian media has painted amanda knox as basically the poster child of american excess. fox news and the prolific herado rivera last week tried to make a case for knox by saying she won’t get a fair trial due to latent italian anti-americanism. but last i remembered, silvio berlusconi, the italian prime minister, is known for his love of all things american and was one of the few political figures in europe who maintained a good relationship with george w. bush throughout bush’s presidency. the trail starts february 6.