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the september issue as reviewed by the financial times

Friday, August 28th, 2009

this is sort of a non review. vanessa friedman, fashion editor of the financial times, basically aknowledges that the film exists, it has opened and that other fashion films have opened recently too. is she tight with the anna in wintour? or does she genuinely have no opinion on the documentary? read the ft review here.


anna wintour on david letterman shoe

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

defamer calls it the anna wintour p.r. tour. is her job on the line? probably not. although it would probably be easier for si newhouse to fire her if he got mckinsey to do it for him.

now that anna wintour gets the web

Monday, August 24th, 2009

is it a coincidence that, according to gawker –or was it the observer, that vogue editor anna wintour has supposedly proclaimed that she now ‘gets the web’ about the same time that perez hilton has launched one would hope not.

but what would ‘getting the web’ entail for a magazine editor or publishing company ? AOL/Time Warner (remember them) got the web back in the 90s, but that still didn’t stop them from launching PathFinder as an umbrealla portal for all it’s titles. thank goodness now exists, right?

well as mckinsey actively bleeds si newhouse dry of his money while simultaneously saving him money, one might be excused for wondering out loud how a publishing company that purchased wired (but initially forgot to buy the accompanying website –a bit like eBay buying skype but not the underlying technology) 10 years ago could ever really grasp the complexities of the internet.

white women don't age very well

Friday, August 14th, 2009

is it true that white women don’t age very well? or is this a myth? exhibit ‘a’ kate moss. 35. exhibit ‘b’ halle berry. 42. conversely (generally speaking) men tend to age better than women. it could also be that moss, who is blond and presumably has spent loads of time in the sun drinking alcohol and snorting goodness knows what, is a way bad example. but lighter skin tends to not such a grad relationship with the sun.

it could also have something to do with at which age a woman starts using cosmetics. up until recently (like perhaps this century), brown and black women have hard a challenging time finding make up that works with their skin. if you look at candid photos of halle berry on the street, it generally looks like she’s not wearing make up.

all skin must age. that’s the natural course of events. it is how god intended things to be. and fighting the process in a brooke astor way really isn’t a good idea. better to accept change and age gracefully. remove that short short skirt and be happy with a-lengths. and don’t do an anna wintour. dare to change your hairstyle from time to time. a signature style is okay, but jennifer aniston shouldn’t hold onto variations of her ‘friends’ haircut for the rest of her life.

hugo boss special sale for special customers

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

hugo boss berlin has developed a special mailing list for their more and/or most valuable customers. the label, which has 2 free standing stores in the mitte district of berlin, at the top of the summer had a pre-sale for these particular shoppers. most everything was 30% off and both hugo boss and hugo boss orange were mad houses as the label (s) ushered in their summer line.

how does one get on this list? how much do you have to purchase and is this based on lifetime purchases, quarterly, or monthly purchases. and how much would one need to purchase to get on ‘the list.’ you know, the one where you are automatically invited to their catwalk shows if this were a possibility.

anna wintour, editor of american vogue was raked over the coals this week for offering that perhaps a committe should be set up to essentially not let people engage in too much discounting.

is discounting hurting the luxury industry? remember when prada never had a sale. or hugo boss for that matter. abercrombie and fitch tried to hold to this ideal during this ongoing recession–that premium labels should never discount. but caved in a few months ago after looking at their balance sheet, inventory, and lack of customers who had all headed off to old navy and ross.

anna wintour looking to retire?

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

anna wintour, whose been editor of vogue for like forever might be retiring. click here for more information. could this have anything to do with the conde nast’s recent budget cuts? or is the timing of this leak just a coincidence?

vogue and anna wintour get it all wrong with lebron james

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

the new issue of vogue features lebron james in a hulking pose next to a fay wray-like waif called gisele bundchen. is it racist? you betcha. was it done intentionally? well aside from wintour’s lone BF who interviews the likes of gwyneth paltrow and has most likely never stepped foot in a black neighborhood, one could conceivably give vogue a pass, like bill clinton might say. but i have chosen not to.

although the real controversey is, why is it that the umlaut in bundchen’s name is yanked out in american publications, i would suggest annie lebovitz and anna wintour pick up a copy of any random book on semiotics especially the ones written by umberto eco.