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turned down for the berlinale

Friday, January 4th, 2008

last year, i blogged about berlin film festival for JANE magazine, which condé nast put to sleep a few months back. this year, i decided to apply for press credentials for a different blog and submitted my information as directed. well, what happens? i got a nice confirmation letter 2 days ago. and so i started going through information on the berlinale website and considering my game plan for the festival as well as a syndicated column.

fast forward 2 days to well, today and i get an email from the press office telling me that my credentials have been taken away. apparently they don’t give credentials to bloggers. the p.r. rep wrote they aren’t accrediting bloggers in 2008. does it matter that every ‘world-class’ journalist in the u.s. has his or her own blog? i just unleashed my anger on skype to a friend in prague. to which he replied, ‘what do you expect from a group of anal nazis?