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joe the plumber saves the mccain campaign

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

over the weekend, both barack obama and john mccain sent themselves and each other up (as well as billary clinton) at a white tie affair in manhattan (see below).

peggy noonan of the wall street journal stepped up to give both mccain, and his much maligned running mate sarah palin, a backhanded compliment saying joe the plumber has done a better job of laying out the republican platform than the republican party.

the so-called joe factor. should not be overlooked. that mccain has been able to attach a visual image to barack obama’s taxation proposal has probably helped as well. reuters/cspan/zogby now show john mccain as being only 2.7 percentage points behind barack obama. which is a statistical tie. these numbers are reflected on as well, for likely voters.


hillary clinton, failed DC bar, wants supreme court appointment

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

is this even possible? according to the ever reliable new york post, billary clinton are doing the bare minimum to get obama in the white house because mr. obama won’t guarantee that he’ll nominate hill to the supreme court. given that she has never served as a judge and failed the dc bar. what are the clintons thinking?

nancy pelosi voted for bank deregulation

Monday, September 29th, 2008

nancy pelosi took the time to bash george w. bush prior to the vote on the $700B wall street bailout plan that was before the u.s. house of representatives today. in the video linked to above, she rails against ‘no regulation, no supervision, no discipline,’ presumably of the u.s. banking system and not the iraq war.

but the reality is this, nancy pelosi voted to repeal the glass-steagall act in 1999, which regulated the u.s. banking system as a response to the financial fallout of the great depression. glass-steagall stood the country in good stead for over 70 years.

the move toward bank deregulation and less supervision in the 1990s is believed by many to be at the heart of this global financial crisis. pelosi’s beloved bill clinton, whom she praised in her ill-timed speech, signed the damn thing. click here to see how pelosi voted on the financial modernization act which is described in the summary of the bill as: ‘an act to enhance competition in the financial services industry by providing a prudential framework for the affiliation of banks, securities firms, and other financial service providers, and for other purposes.’ written by republican phil gramm, the bill got a lot of yeas. only a handful of democratic senators voted against it, including california’s barbara boxer and only one republican senator voted against it. while john mccain didn’t vote. joe biden voted yes. barack obama had the fortune of being in the illinois state senate at the time.

democrats only crossed 50% mark 2 times since FDR

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

is it any wonder that barack obama is struggling? the democratic party, on the national level has only crossed the 50% threshold 2 times since 1944. in 1992, bill clinton only got 43% of the vote. and in 1996, he took home but 49%.

these county by county maps of 1992 and 1996 show the voting patterns of the u.s., county by county, favors the republicans. the democrats dominate the cities while the republican party dominates the rural areas. unfortunately for the democrats, far more americans live in the burbs and countryside than live in the cities these days. the the bar graphs for 1996 show that the margin of difference between bob dole and clinton was ross perot, the third party candidate who peeled votes away from the republican party in 1992 as well.

chelsea clinton barbara streisand separated at birth

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

chelsea clinton, the kid who makes 200K plus slugging away at a hedge fund –which apparently has no qualms with giving her extended time off hopefully with pay, was in bloomington indiana today whooping it up with a bunch of people. indiana is the only place in the world where people are proud to be called hoosiers. during her speech, chelsea was asked about her mother’s bosnia-pinocchio moment. to which she basically replied, ‘i support my mom.’ maybe she meant as in old age. hillary claims she was sleep-deprived and misspoke. could it be possible that she was having a post-menopausal-senior moment? sinbad, where are you when we need you?

obama passport information breached state department

Friday, March 21st, 2008

one report states that obama’s passport information was accessed 3 times since january. another one says twice. either way, gotta wonder. is this the clintons or bush? or just a temp trying to satisfy curiousity.

billary clinton campaign tactic reverend wright

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

so what’s hillary clinton’s campaign up to? well, tagging barack obama as a candidate only for one minority group while slowly slicing the others away. here’s how their doing in this time around. 1.) trot geraldine ferraro out and let her claim sexism is worse than racism and accuse the media of reverse racism 2.) edit 30 second loops out-of-context of a 2 hour sermon and then hand them around to the media 3.) get your friends at the wall street journal to write about it. 4.) trot bill clinton out to do the TV rounds to deny that he’s injected race into the whole campaign and so on and so on. then watch the white american vote get wedged from barack obama. that’s a bit whatdick morris thinks. and he ought to know, he used to work for the clintons. forgive the typos.

bbc gets it wrong on the u.s. election and billary clinton

Monday, March 10th, 2008

this article:
is a complete farce. the journalist only lists the popular vote for selective states and not all states. –all the states not listed were won by barack obama. she decides to include florida, votes which aren’t acknowledged by the party because the state broke party rules. but then doesn’t include michigan, which has the same problems.

pleeeeeze do some fact checking. i luv the bbc:-)

hillary saves the world with sinbad and sheryl crowe in bosnia

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

hillary’s foreign policy experience is detailed in the new issue of newsweek.

texas race obama ahead by 5 delegates

Friday, March 7th, 2008

the texas primary still hasn’t been decided. the 2-step system has billary clinton winning the primary by 3 percentage points –but all the absentee ballots haven’t been counted. and obama at this point leads the caucus voting 56% to 44%. you can read more details here. at the moment, obama leads hillary by 5 delegates.