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yet another example of why americans will never understand football

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

breitbart writes that david beckham–i mean,brand beckham, scored a goal during the l.a. galaxy’s last game. but the article fails to mention that beckham failed to help the england team make it into the european championships.


england fails to qualify for euro 2008

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

how humiliating is that? not only did england lose to croatia –who aren’t even part of the european union (yet!), apparently, the news only gets worse. england merch will get hit as well. so much for brand beckham. england squeaked into the quarter finals of last year’s world cup by kicking, pulling hair, and cheating. now it’s all caught up with them. seems a bit like payback for the trampling michael ballack has been getting from the uk media for being a bit lazy on the field. but germany qualified weeks ago at the top of its group.

americans don't understand international football

Friday, August 24th, 2007

apparently the powers that be with the l.a. galaxy are concerned about beckham’s international schedule. as beckham played a game wednesday for england at wembly against germany, then 30 or so hours later was back on the pitch scrambling for balls for the l.a. galaxy. this is how international football (soccer) works. perhaps someone should explain to them about the european championships coming up next year and the uefa cup and so on. maybe victoria beckham can do this.

victoria beckham's legs

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

first the daily mail obsessed over the flabby bits it photographed of liz hurley’s wobby ass. then came the article about kate moss and her knobby knees. now they’ve added victoria beckham to the mix.

beckham missing chelsea due to injury?

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

well hopefully he’s not subconsciously trying to avoid playing his country mates. the l.a. galaxy just might be playing chelsea san their star player on july 21.

i've changed my mind about victoria beckham

Monday, July 16th, 2007

i think i am changing my mind about victoria beckham. she’s a real girl’s girl and perhaps that’s what’s needed at the moment. it’s a bit of comic relief from dour women such as angelina jolie and jennifer aniston.. sometimes i catch myself singing that spice girl hit ‘tell me what ya want what ya really really want.’ or at least i think that’s the spice girls.

yet another beckham story

Friday, July 13th, 2007

well, as we feed the publicity machine, let’s list yet another reason why the game north americans call soccer won’t make any greater inroads now in north america than it did in the 1970s when pele and franz beckenbauer descended upon the u.s. yes, david beckham is on the cover of sports illustrated. and the guardian notes he’s the first british person to gain this distinction since 1991. the article explains why even one great player (not necessarily beckham, but anyone) won’t revolutionise the game in america.

if you read the full article, you’ll see that it mentions that beckham’s salary is not 120M pounds ($250M) over five years. in the article, giorgio chinaglia, who played for the cosmos back in the 1970s is quoted as saying ‘It’s $5.9M for playing and he has deals on the side for somany shirts and other things because soccer in the u.s. at the moment, as far as television is concerned, has no ratings and it’s very difficult to sell merchandise.’

now i’m not sure why this particular person has been quoted and how he knows what beckham’s really making. but there it is for deconstruction. but it is a well known fact that the game the u.s. insists on calling soccer hasn’t got any ratings. chinaglia goes on to say ‘good stars only come here when their careers are over.’

that has a ‘whose roman abramovitch’ article tells you how out of the loop the u.s. is with the game everyone else in the world calls football. on the home page of the soccer section of sports illustrated online, there’s a photo of abramovich with the headline ‘whose roman abramovitch’ this takes you to an article about chelsea. the russian billionaire, who has a yacht in every ocean, has spent hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars to create his own dream team, chelsea.

the sports illustrated article mentions that ‘few journalists have written about the origins of abramovich’s wealth. nor has much of the sports press, or the soccer authorities, spent time even pondering the effect the spending power has had on english soccer….’ you can read the full quote “>here under the section entitled ‘obsession.’ this information is wrong. there was a lot of dicussion about this when abramovitch bought chelsea. and every time he spends hundreds of millions of pounds on players like germany’s michael ballackor the ukraine’s andiy shevchenko, it creates an uproar among the european media. a lot has been written about abramovitch. the telegraph article is entitled ‘chelsea, a souless brand that loves to be loathed.’ this article was published late last year.

why david beckham can't changed north america's mind about soccer

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

all boys and girls in north america (that’s the u.s., canada, and mexico, in case you’ve forgotten) grow up playing football (soccer). but when boys reach the age of 15, parents in the u.s. and canada push them to play one of the big 4 north american sports 1.) baseball 2.) football 3.) hockey or 4.) basketball. that’s why the u.s. has a suckie football team and why no one seems to be able to remember whether or not canada has ever qualified for a world cup. and possibly why it hasn’t been invited to the copa america 2007.

after 15, boys start playing one of the big 4 north american sports. but girls keep playing. that’s one reason why the u.s. has a really good woman’s football (soccer) team. david beckham and the owners of the l.a. galaxy are fighting a down hill battle.

the u.s. soccer federation (or whatever it’s called this year) has been trying to jump start the sport in the u.s. by getting all the soccer mom’s interested. in the states, the game is played by fairly well-off kids in leafy suburbia. while in places like brazil or the uk or mexico, the game is played on the street or where ever anyone can find a small patch of grass.

mexico has a respectable team. they held their own against argentina in the round of 16 for the last world cup. the team held argentina to a draw that went into double overtime.

david beckham and posh can’t change the u.s. because nobody there wants to change. and beckham, while he had considerable talent, he was never as good as his publicist (s) has (have) made him out to be. he has good handlers who know how to market him as a product. but i watched him during the last european championship and he missed the free kick that sealed the win for portugal. and he performed mediocrely during the last world cup.

we’ll see if this W cover of posh spice and becks will change anyone’s mind.