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catherine hardwicke's next film gets the greenlight

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

cathrine hardwicke’s next film, a gothic adaptation of the little red riding hood fairy tale just got greenlit.


do it yourself social networking

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

while looking at the catherine hardwick, noticed that the jilted twilight director had revamped everything. the site is now built around, or rather is a social networking area. using ning fans of the auteur (well, maybe we’ll just mereley say director), can add videos and images to the site, join forums, set up groups. and within this space, or rather, on the periphery of this space one can find the director’s blog and information about her current and former projects.

no idea how old this company is. but ning looks pretty worthwhile. while reading this. you might take a look at this morgan stanley report which the guardian entitled, ‘teens don’t do twitter.’ as opposed to directing you to the guardian article, you’re being taken to financial times site which also includes a link to the original morgan stanley research paper –written by a 15 year old.

the paper is quite fascinating. twitter isn’t popular with tweens and teens (according to this admitedly unscientific report) because they don’t want to put their information out there for all to see. makes sense, right. and what about with facebook? –apparently they check in about once-a-week. but with twitter, they sign up once and due to the cost of texting to update tweets, they tend to avoid it. we could slag the whole thing off by saying, these are merely the observations of a 15 year old. and yeah, we should ask what kind of 15 year old is he? is he a trendsetting, fashion forward kinda guy? i mean, what 15 year old does an internship at morgan stanley? you know what i mean?

i think this report has something to do with the sun valley meeting of media moguls. and the fear they have in their eyes regarding disruptive media. and as we see that all things lead back to ‘twilight’ we’ve gotta wonder why all the actors from this decidedly tween film and book series and why peter facinelli, who plays the character carlise has almost 500K followers. yeah, it could be all those twilight moms, but that is doubtful.