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china can always buy airbus

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

according to cnbc, china is prepared to retaliate on possible tariffs from the US from buying planes from airbus (a European Union company) as opposed to boeing and getting soja products from somewhere else. we’re not sure. but we once read that 30% of china’s soja product comes from the US. we suspect some farmers in US states like perhaps iowa won’t be too happy.


china as superpower

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

there are those who believe that china is already the world’s sole superpower. and that the US relinguished this role somewhere between the george w. bush and the barack obama presidencies. others might argue that the US relinquished this role when hollywood quit making those kick-ass tom cruise films where the americans always literally kicked someones ass and started making more and more apologist oliver stone type movies which culmilated with clint eastwoods’  movie american sniper. if one confuses entertainment with propaganda, that is. is it ironic that the end of the 1990s era steven segal ass-kicking revenge movie coincided with the fall of the the twin towers in new york city? did the dubya government tell film producers of all those ass-kicking steven segal, bruce willis, sylvester stallone and chuck norris movies filled with villians from north africa that that was maybe not the best idea?

in the 1970s and 1980s hong kong became known for ass-kicking hong kong cinema. introducing the world to the actors chow yun-fat and jackie chan. then later the beijing-born jet li.does this mean that a country first needs to find some local actors and make a few successful action films to lay the foundation to become a superpower? well, if one looks at all the propaganda films from the 1930s and 1940s from the national socialists in germany to the amis in the united states, this could form the foundation for a super frivilous PhD dissertation in the truely useful areas of film theory and sociology. and (as we digress once again), this line of thinking could lead to the faulty argument for romania becoming a superpower given that the villian in the new captain america films is originally from romania.

as the unofficial symbol of the transition of the center of world power and finance from the west to the east, china’s president gave the keynote speech at at davos last week. most of thethe globalists from the west were absent except for teresa may who now resides over the final chapter of the british empire. there are 2 videos below. president xi’s davos speech and a roundtable type discussion with globalists about the decline of china. one can decide. there are those who believe that china’s one-child policy will limit its superpower role to about 50 years. then india will take over the reigns.

china pulls africa and south america into the 21st century

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

that’s what the headline should be. but the independent reports this as ‘fears of chinese land grab.’

but at least the journalist acknowledges that china ‘follows a simple formula, offering premium prices and massive infrastructure investments in return for long-term concessions for key resources. And the positive impact is evident in spanking new infrastructure including hospitals, ports, and road and rail links being built with the influx of Chinese money.’

a commentor on the independent’s website who goes by ‘vic-the-brit’ sums everything up nicely. ‘Well at least China is paying hard cash. Europe and the US used to just take it by force, vitually enslave the population, grab as many resources as possible and kick the natives down if they got restless. ‘