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chloë sevigny

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

as there’s no longer a street scene in new york since all the poor but sexy people have left manhattan for brooklyn, chloë sevigny, the woman manolo blahnik once famously said he just does not get, seems to have appropriated her new designs for the fashion label open ceremony from the streets of berlin.


is sex and the city 2 so last season?

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

last year the lunch with section of the financial times interviewed manolo blahnik. blahnik is quoted as saying ‘flats make women walk like a reindeer’ or perhaps he may have even said duck. he also said he so does not get chloe sevigny. but if i remember correctly i think he had nice things to say about sex and the city.

while th show didn’t actually put blahnik on the map, it did of course make him a household word outside of the fashion zone of london-paris-new york.

but for sex and the city 2, there’s a feeling that the designer and the women in the film are trapped in the late wise the clothes span a colour wheel and offer the audience a fairly wide would be hardpressed to find recession-era greys anywhere.