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christian bale's mom and sister

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

we hesitate mention the ‘a’ word. and i don’t mean asshole. because we here love christian bale and are trying to figure out how one man (whose not all that tall) could assault two women. we don’t believe it. and how did he do it? did he throw a lamp acrosss the hotel room and one end his his mom and the other end his sister. mind you this is all speculation. perhaps they were trying to hit him up for some batman cash, not realizing that the 155M take for the dark knight will almost cover the production cost, but they probably got another 155M to go to recoup the marketing and advertising costs.

but we love christian bale, and will suport him through thick and thin. because, well, he was brilliant in american psycho. don’t let them shake you down christian. we’ve watched entourage. we know what happens when there’s a movie star in the family. everyone wants his cut.


i heart huckabee

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

i heart huckabee was the first film in the canon of jude law films, that pointed to the fact that jude law, while kind of a pretty face (albeit, with a receding hairline), wasn’t actually a star. when was the last time he opened a movie? or perhaps the real question is, has he ever opened a film? ‘the talented mr. ripley’ was pretty good, due to the ensemble cast. but on second viewing it sort of doesn’t hold up. ‘alfie’ was a wash as was ‘sky captain and the world of tomorrow.’

will the failure of the film ‘i heart huckabee’ have any bearing on the mike huckabee campaign for the u.s. republican nomination? he’s been all but ignored by the national media. and by every single actor in hollywood except, chuck norris:

could you image a president huckabee?