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hasselbeck on the road in florida with cindy mccain and sarah palin

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

elisabeth hasselbeck, the much maligned co-host from ‘the view’ is on the road this weekend in florida. she’ll be (or is) introducing sarah palin at rallies.

a poster to the forum for the new york daily news in a related article writes “i think all of the view audience hate elizabeth because she’s a beautiful women and 90% women who watch the show are fat ugly chics… and they relate to the other hosts because they are just as ugly and out of shape as they are….”


time magazine cindy mccain link leads to barack obama

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

click on this link for cindy mccain on ‘the view’ and it will lead you to the barack obama/bill o’reilly fox interview.

edit (oct 21): on september 6, the link led to the obama/o’reilly interview. now it leads to a video by a comedian talking about barack obama.

dnc convention and cindy mccain's sister feels like non-entity

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

from the opening speech made by michelle obama to the yawnable speechmaking of the washed up clintons, the dnc convention has been well, uneventful. tonight obama addresses the crowd. sure you’ll be able to find it on youtube immediately after it’s over. one day, youtube will be up for live streaming. am i the only one who noticed that throughout the primary season, barack obama’s youtube page was the only one with a ‘donation’ button?

looks like cindy mccain made a mistake years ago (or maybe even recently) by declaring herself an only child. wonder if her half sister also sits on her board-of-directors.

cindy mccain gets attention from the press

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

the european press routinely ignores john mccain as a rule. walk into any news stand in any international airport and you will see a plethora of barack obama cover stories and headlines. but you will be hardpressed find much info on john mccain. but then you get this headline from the uk’s guardian newspaper. ‘cindy mccain taken to the hospital.’ then you’ll discover that it was merely for carpal tunnel syndrome. well, at least they’re paying attention.