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a bit of right of center support for barack obama

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

over the past 2 weeks, barack obama has racked up support from moderate republicans such as colin powell, scott mcclellan, and chris buckley. colin powell has always been essentially a non-partisan figure while scott mcclellan was dubya’s spokesperson during most of the iraq war. what would william f. buckley, jr. say to his son’s endorsement of obama. since he died earlier this year (and perhaps a certain kind of conservatism died with him as well), we will never know.

as the democratic party has a left wing (obama) and a right wing (billary clinton, evan byah, etc.), the republican party has this as well. which was more pronouncedly on display during the 2007 debates and this past spring’s primaries. with mitt ‘i gave taxachussets universal health care and gay marriage’ romney and rudy guiliani (cross dresser that he is) representing the left flank and mike huckabee essentially representing the right flank and mccain running basically in the middle.

but is this a valentine to barack obama, an f–k you to george w. bush, or a slap in the face to john mccain? hard to say. or is colin powell, now in his twilight years, eager to rehabilitate his reputation after his performance at the un in 2003 during which he made the u.s.’s case for heading into iraq. and scott mcclellan possibly overcome by protestant guilt that he told numeours big ones over the pass few years. was chris buckley, an eastcoaster, afraid that he wouldn’t be able to enjoy his weekends in the hamptons without catching s–t and is now anxious to be invited by the kennedy clan to martha’s vineyard? only mr. buckley knows.