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david beckham ready to rumble with LA Galaxy Fans

Monday, July 20th, 2009

we all feel sorry for beckham for having (volunatarily) banished himself to the hinterlands of football (aka soccer) also known as north america (yeah, we include canada in the mix too). he tried to get back to playing ball with _real_ football players by figuring out of getting himself loaned out to ac milan. but apparently, now he’s back. and not feeling warm and fuzzy about heckers in los angeles.


david beckham wants out of his l.a. galaxy contract

Monday, February 16th, 2009

this morning, cnn reported that david beckham (aka, becks) wants to stay in milan with AC milan. perhaps because since being loaned out to a real football team, he’s concluded that 1.) he can still play with the big boys and 2.) his game has suffered since he moved to l.a. yes, these two points contradict each other. but basically, in regards to the later, if he’s playing girlie ball with the americans, it’s quite obvious that he’s not really getting much of a workout. and so footballers would conclude that while he’s in l.a., he’s not fit. having had a bit of time to roll around in the mud with the italians in their league, he’s concluded that it is quite possible to raise his game back to world cup (or near) world cup level. and becks being becks and not his wife, posh spice, would obviously rather spent the last couple of years he’s got left as a footballer rolling around with the euro-fags as opposed to the girlie americans. you can read more details on the bbc news website.

so it seems that a few years back becks was anxious to boldly go where no footballer has gone and succeded. –the u.s. scoccer league (see pele, and franz ‘the kaiser’ beckenbauer). and now he wants to head back to europe. maybe the l.a. scientologitst have got him down. perhaps he needs to spend more time squeezing tom cruise’s e-machine.