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bbc's obituary of dennis hopper gets its facts wrong

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

it’s a well written obit. but they got one thing wrong. despite having directed and starred in the anti-establishment film, ‘easy rider,’ dennis hopper was a republican (with a capital ‘r’ but since we write in all lowercases here, we need to clarify that point). they write that his liberal political leanings put him at odds with john wayne (another republican with a capital ‘r’) on the film ‘true grit’ which was released the same year as ‘easy rider.’ here’s a video of dennis hopper on the charlie rose show. below is a 2008 interview of dennis hopper speaking at the actor’s studio.


dennis hopper rides from st. petersburg to moscow

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

dennis hopper, everyone’s favourite republican, will be greeting attendees at london’s serpentine gallery for their annual summer party. next month, he’s to participate in a p.r. event for a exhibition of american art at the pushkin museum in moscow. there, he’ll meet up with jeremy irons and laurence fishburne who plan to ride their motorcycles from st. petersburg to moscow. i wonder if they plan on camping out?