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mark steyn vs. teddy kennedy

Monday, August 31st, 2009

mark steyn in the orange county register loosely compares ted kennedy’s misadvetures in chappaquiddick and his leaving mary jo kopechne 40 years ago locked in a car below a river (–a car he somehow escaped from) for 5 hours to die alone to peter denying jesus. thus far the editorial has more than 300 comments, having jumped by 100 within the past 2 hours.


two down, more to go: ted kennedy death coincides with 40th anniversary of chappaquiddick

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

40 years ago in 1969, edward kennedy drove a car (or the car drove itself) into a river. teddy swam to safety. as he once did to mary jo kopechne, teddy kennedy has stranded barack obama, leaving him on his own to deal with the death star that in this case is healthcare reform and the democratic party.

over the next few hours we’ll scan the obits to see how many msm newspapers fail to mention this 40th anniversary.

my college roommate whose father was an economist in the reagan administration once said, edward kennedy might be a drunk and a coward, but he votes the right way on key issues.

one down too many more to go: eunice shriver kennedy kicks the bucket

Friday, August 14th, 2009

one of the few kennedys who did not succumb to the kennedy curse died this week. teddy, as we all know is next on the list. unless something unforseen happens to the rest of the clan. and this being the kennedys, that’s bound to happen. flying lessons anyone? ski football? how about a labotomy?

bill and ted's excellent adventure, roadsign in south carolina

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

pretty much sums up the primaries.

of course, the big news is that ted (martini) kennedy has endorsed barack obama. the endorsement follows on the heels of a touching endorsement of obama from caroline kennedy in an editorial which appeared in the sunday edition of the new york times. the editorial, entitled, ‘a president like my father,’ talks about how caroline kennedy feels that obama could inspire the electorate in the way that john f. kennedy jr. once did.