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electronic music stuck in 1996

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

remember when you were in your 20s, fresh out of college, working your recession area, low-paying job and you had to decide whether or not to spend your hard earned cash from the second job you had working at a retail store on mixmag, the face, or select? generally you chose the one that had a CD attached to it. it was the time when if you didn’t live in europe, all you could do was fantasize about attending the love parade, visiting the chemical brothers’ residency, spending time at ministry of sound, and hearing the new freezone compilation.

well now, mixmag, the face, and select are defunct. ministry of sound exists, but only as a label. the love parade is technical over, although the organizers try to resurrect it every few years. and although the chemical brothers are still around, one of them has an extreme case of male pattern baldness.

over the weekend, i went to a trendy club to see a friend spin and i was extremely disappointed to find that DJ music is stuck in 1996. there are actually djs who still exclusively play techno. the whole electronic music thing is stuck in the mid-90s. but at least back then, the crowds were far more entertaining.

i kinda miss the lollipops, whistles, and glow sticks as well as the baggy pants and multi-coloured trainers. hmm if you were never a raver, maybe you should visit urban dictionary for more details.