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elle, down the tubes

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

the publishing industry is a big mystery. why are most art directors at women’s fashion magazines men? why are most photographers at fashion magazines gay? or in the case of elle, way too old to spot fashion. the guy whose been photographing covers for elle for years is way into his 60s. let’s think. 66 years ago, what was going on? well, i definitely wasn’t born. this guy was born in the 1940s. he came of age during the so-called ‘roaring 60s’ or was it the 20s that was referred to as ‘roaring.’ he probably thinks back nostalgically on the days of janis joplin, jimmy hendrix, and is quite excited that marianne faithfull has got a new movie out. yawn. double yawn. no wonder nobody thinks about elle.

the magazine has been revamped. lindsay lohan is its new covergirl. how tired is that? i was a great fan of elle, once upon a time. but i will admit that i’ve not thought about the publication in years. the british version was always much better than the american version. but i don’t think 20 somethings buy this magazine. come to think of it, i don’t believe 20 somethings are buying too many other magazines as well.