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yoox versus net-a-porter

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

we’ve never actually purchased anything from net-a-porter. but about every 6 months like clock work, we peruse the site to see what’s new. buy v.i.p., a germany company which was bought by amazon last year has a similar model to net-a-porter. –buy overstock and sell it for considerably less.

but net-a-porter focuses more on the luxury market while buy v.i.p. is mroe focused on brands like diesel, g-star and such. which is high-end for some people but certain not luxury brands.

yoox, which is based in italy has a similar model to net-a-porter. but i mean if a company is based in italy and buys overstock of luxury brands, we’re thinking the stuff must be pretty excellent.

so we did a test. bought a miu miu skirt on a saturday. and the package was delivered on wednesday. so basically within 3 business days.

buy v.i.p takes about 6 weeks. –just enough time not to challenge the charge on your credit card bill. while we can’t really say what the turnaround time is for net-a-porter. at least not yet.


versace serial killer home now a hotel

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

back in the 90s, not long after princess diana and elton john were caught crying and holding hands at gianni versace’s funeral, i was in miami staying at a hotel along ocean drive. i asked my cab driver to drive my friends and i past the gianni versace mansion, but he was having none of that. and refused to point it out to us.

well now, according to the financial times, the versace mansion–where versace was killed by a rentboy serial killer, has been transformed into a hotel. how scary is that?

should a man be used as a runway model to sell women clothes?

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

serbian-australian andrej pejic has been used by fashion designers such as gaultier and marc jacobs on the runway to sell their clothes to women. is this right? shouldn’t the feminazis have their knives out? isn’t it already a shame that 14 year old girls are used to sell clothes to 30 + year olds (who else could afford a prada power suit? except of course trust-a-farians and the funemployed).

should a boycott be waged against the designers who are styling twinks with beehive hair-dos and dressing those same men up in skirts specifically to sell clothes to women? what sorta message is this sending out to females? that women should just get rid of their hips altogether? and what sorta message are designers like marc jacobs sending? is he confirming what many in the fashion world have already started complaining about female-hating gay male fashion designers and stylists? but the big question is why do women keep purchasing their wares?

in the daily mail piece on the gender bender andrej pejic, one reader’s post in the comment section is worth quoting:

“This only proves what I have said for years. The majority of fashion designers are gay. Their clothes are not designed for real women they are designed for young boys. This is the logical conclusion.”

mercedes-benz berlin fashion week final day david tomaszewski

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

it’s great that designers like dawid tomaszewski are pushing the envelope by playing with imagery and developing distinctive ways to showcase their clothes.

david tomaszewski at the studio presentation during berlin fashion week

dawid tomaszewski at the studio presentation berlin fashion week

day 3 berlin fashion week richard kravetz

Friday, July 8th, 2011

the anja gockel fashion show kicked off the morning–which unfortunately we missed.later this afternoon vogue hosted its annual salon at the hotel de rome. we entertained the notion of attending the fashion blogger cafe but the show room was way out in treptow which just sounded like too long of a hike.

karl lagerfeld coca cola bottles on display at berlin fashion week

a few hours ago we did a drive by of the richard kravetz presentation. his spring/summer 2012 collection is on disply for about 30 more minutes in the touristy hackescher markt area of berlin. the intial impression of the presentation was yes, the clothes are classic with a late 50s/early 60s influence that would’ve made anne sexton’s day back in the day. and that perhaps kravetz is obsessed with primary colours. but that’s not a bad thing.

at 6pm-ish we made our way to mitte’s mail gallery strip for the Konk Pop-up Store cocktail party. i have to say, we loved the Konk Pop-up Store event. it was on a small side street in the middle of the main gallery strip in mitte. just across the way was an old dance parlor straight out of the 1920s which now also doubles as a restaurant. and the eigen+art gallery which represents some of the best painters in germany like neo rauch. later we’ll add photos. –not of eigen+art, but of the event.

so what about the clothes? well, the t-shirts were funky in a good way. the dresses featured colourful prints. this season seems to be all about colour. which is completely acceptable.

green show room berlin fashion week day 3

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

day three of berlin fashion week is still underway. the day kicked off with the maxi fashion breakfast followed by the schumacher runway show. we were very much smitten with the greenshow room salon show. this yearly eco-event (now in its 4th year) takes place at the adlon hotel. which normally is a bit of hike in the summer from bebelplatz down towards the brandenburg gate. but this year, since fashion week has moved back to it’s original location, it’s the perfect off-site spot for an event.

the salon show launched with a nod to the 40s.–lots of shoulder pads and well defined lines along with high waisted skirts and buttons that would’ve made wilhelmina slater‘s eyes pop if she were still around.

greenshow room salon show berlin fashion week spring/summer 2012

hair extension theft

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

if you broke into a hair salon, would the first think you stole be hair for weaves? maybe if you really need them.

dior makes galliano byte the big one

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

galliano is out. no longer suspended. what will become of him? what will become of dior? does this confirm that no one is expendable? now the man will suddenly discover who his real (or fake) fashionista friends are.

john galliano implodes

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

john galliano, the designer behind christian dior is in deep water. franca sozzani, editor of vogue since the late 80s, weighs in on galliano’s suspension.

in the comment section of the daily telegraph (see link above) you can also find this response to franca sozzani’s declaration that it would be a pity if galliano were let go. but you have to watch the whole video (again, see link above) because sozzani is NOT expressing sympathy for him but for the fashion house christian dior.

an anonymous commentor on the daily telegraph website responds:

Why would this a pity? The pity is that women have their clothes designed by men who do not like or fancy women and dress them as 12 year old boys. No hips, no tits, no womanly shape. His drunken outburst is just a symptom of the business with all it’s god-making and worship of capitalism.

berlin fashion week day 1

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

it was a busy day in berlin, the first day of fashion week. we got bounced from the balkan catwalk. but weren’t too put out by this. we passed on the obtuse event at soho house and somehow missed the soiree at the hungarian cultural center. but we managed to get ourselves together by 11pm just in time for the Guess after party. and it was grossartig, as they say in berlin. loads of people, tons of red bull (which we passed on) and somehow the dudes ran out of wine short before 1am. but we’re not complaining.