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yoox versus net-a-porter

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

we’ve never actually purchased anything from net-a-porter. but about every 6 months like clock work, we peruse the site to see what’s new. buy v.i.p., a germany company which was bought by amazon last year has a similar model to net-a-porter. –buy overstock and sell it for considerably less.

but net-a-porter focuses more on the luxury market while buy v.i.p. is mroe focused on brands like diesel, g-star and such. which is high-end for some people but certain not luxury brands.

yoox, which is based in italy has a similar model to net-a-porter. but i mean if a company is based in italy and buys overstock of luxury brands, we’re thinking the stuff must be pretty excellent.

so we did a test. bought a miu miu skirt on a saturday. and the package was delivered on wednesday. so basically within 3 business days.

buy v.i.p takes about 6 weeks. –just enough time not to challenge the charge on your credit card bill. while we can’t really say what the turnaround time is for net-a-porter. at least not yet.


versace serial killer home now a hotel

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

back in the 90s, not long after princess diana and elton john were caught crying and holding hands at gianni versace’s funeral, i was in miami staying at a hotel along ocean drive. i asked my cab driver to drive my friends and i past the gianni versace mansion, but he was having none of that. and refused to point it out to us.

well now, according to the financial times, the versace mansion–where versace was killed by a rentboy serial killer, has been transformed into a hotel. how scary is that?

mercedes-benz berlin fashion week final day david tomaszewski

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

it’s great that designers like dawid tomaszewski are pushing the envelope by playing with imagery and developing distinctive ways to showcase their clothes.

david tomaszewski at the studio presentation during berlin fashion week

dawid tomaszewski at the studio presentation berlin fashion week

dior makes galliano byte the big one

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

galliano is out. no longer suspended. what will become of him? what will become of dior? does this confirm that no one is expendable? now the man will suddenly discover who his real (or fake) fashionista friends are.

john galliano implodes

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

john galliano, the designer behind christian dior is in deep water. franca sozzani, editor of vogue since the late 80s, weighs in on galliano’s suspension.

in the comment section of the daily telegraph (see link above) you can also find this response to franca sozzani’s declaration that it would be a pity if galliano were let go. but you have to watch the whole video (again, see link above) because sozzani is NOT expressing sympathy for him but for the fashion house christian dior.

an anonymous commentor on the daily telegraph website responds:

Why would this a pity? The pity is that women have their clothes designed by men who do not like or fancy women and dress them as 12 year old boys. No hips, no tits, no womanly shape. His drunken outburst is just a symptom of the business with all it’s god-making and worship of capitalism.

is sex and the city 2 so last season?

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

last year the lunch with section of the financial times interviewed manolo blahnik. blahnik is quoted as saying ‘flats make women walk like a reindeer’ or perhaps he may have even said duck. he also said he so does not get chloe sevigny. but if i remember correctly i think he had nice things to say about sex and the city.

while th show didn’t actually put blahnik on the map, it did of course make him a household word outside of the fashion zone of london-paris-new york.

but for sex and the city 2, there’s a feeling that the designer and the women in the film are trapped in the late wise the clothes span a colour wheel and offer the audience a fairly wide would be hardpressed to find recession-era greys anywhere.

alexander mcqueen's last show

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

the guardian website has posted a series of photos from alexander mcqueen’s last fashion show. the designer died today. the daily mail has reported that is thought that the designer commited suicide by hanging himself.

alexander mcqueen commits suicide

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

the daily mail reports that fashion designe alexander mcqueen has commited suicide. it is thought that he hanged himself in his london flat.

in 22 years lacroix has never turned a profit

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

in the 22 years chrisian lacroix has been in business, according to the guardian newspaper, the designer has never turned a profit.

versace to make 350 or so redundant

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

according to the times –not that times, the real times. you know, the one in london, called the times. anyway this newspaper reports that versace is letting go a whole lotta folks.