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the funeral of guillaume depardieu

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

the french version of gala shot a short video outside of guillaume depardieu’s funeral. one of the stars entering the chuch appears to be catherine deneuve. but it’s hard to tell. the funeral was held at the bougival church. here’s a photo of guillaume’s sister and mother at the funeral. here gerard depardieu talks about his son during the service. in the short video, he is reading from the little prince. the audio is quite bad. i will try to post an english translation soon.


guillaume depardieu and pneumonia

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

guillaume depardieu’s untimely death is a bit of a mystery. who dies at 37 from pneumonia? this is the buzz swirling around the internet regarding the death of gerard depardieu’s son, guillaume. was it AIDS is probably the most searched for term alongside the recently deceased actor’s name. but there is no documented evidence proving that he had AIDS or was HIV positive.

here you can see the actor in the early 90s in a scene from ‘tous les matins du monde’ (all the mornings of the world), which he starred in alongside his father.

guillaume depardieu dead at 37

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

the son of french actor, gerard depardieu died yesterday of complication from pneumonia. guillaume depardieuwas 37 years old. do you recall the days when you heard that a youngish person had died of pneumonia usually meant AIDS. but according to the bbc he died from a lung infection he got while he was in romania.

guillaume depardieu was introduced to international audiences in the early 90s in tous les matins du monde (all the mornings of the world), which he starred in alongside his father. the film by alain corneau, with whom guillaume was working prior to his death, includes the wonderful baroque soundtrack.