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hillary clinton to be replaced by bill richardson?

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

bill richardson, who recently declined to pardon billy the kid (never mind that billy was gunned down in what 1881) just might be the guy to push hillary clinton out of the u.s. secretary of state seat–aka the prez’s look i believe in diversity spot. not that we care, but when was the last time one saw a waspy guy in that slot? we may have to go back to 1992 when bill clinton initially took office.

why did this turn into the hot seat for diversity? with the exception of madeline albright, (who bill clinton appointed during the height of the monica lewinsky sex scandal to manipulate the media and give them something else to discuss since he made albright the first female to warm that seat), almost everyone has had stellar credentials–colin powell, condi rice, etc. and bill richardson served at the united nations and has first rate credentials as well.

the bigger question is why wasn’t hillary clinton pushed out immediately after wikileaks started dripping state department documents? is barack obama still afraid of the clintons? and female voters in the democratic party? does he now believe that he doesn’t need them anymore?


sexist christopher hitchens comes out swinging at hillary clinton

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

christopher hitchens, the man who spent election day eve railing against sarah palin and endlessly referring to her as THAT WOMAN! now tosses his two cents worth in about hillary clinton becoming secretary of state.

the problem with hillary as secretary of state

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

the problem with hillary clinton as secretary of state, doesn’t really have anything to do with hillary. it has to do with bill clinton. if she is nominated to the seat, during the confirmation hearings, the republicans (who at the moment look like they don’t have a foot to stand on) will go through the financial contributors to all of bill clinton’s projects line by line. some of whom include members of families from oil rich countries, and by that we don’t mean the united states. as bob woodward recently asked, what is barack obama smoking?

but how is this story being convered by the mainstream political media? most publications such as the new york times are enthusiastic about all of obama’s appointments. there have been sceptical editorials in the washington post. the guardian, a british newspaper with a sizable u.s. readership, is gushing as well. other sceptics including the new republic which writes in a recent blog entry that no drama obama is inviting drama into the white house with open arms.

hillary clinton as secretary of state, say it ain't so

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

this would be a disaster. and even the washington post agrees.

why a disaster? 1.) hillary clinton voted for the iraq war 2.) who do you think will really be in charge? 3.) hillary only speaks one language. it would be nice if language skills was an actual job requirement here. but this is the united states and most english speaking people are monolingual. although condi rice’s russian was suspect. 4.) those americans who live overseas will be forced to look at her every single day on TV. 5.) we thought the 90s were over 6.) shakespeare may have said, ‘keep your enemies close,’ but he didn’t mean that close.

joe the plumber saves the mccain campaign

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

over the weekend, both barack obama and john mccain sent themselves and each other up (as well as billary clinton) at a white tie affair in manhattan (see below).

peggy noonan of the wall street journal stepped up to give both mccain, and his much maligned running mate sarah palin, a backhanded compliment saying joe the plumber has done a better job of laying out the republican platform than the republican party.

the so-called joe factor. should not be overlooked. that mccain has been able to attach a visual image to barack obama’s taxation proposal has probably helped as well. reuters/cspan/zogby now show john mccain as being only 2.7 percentage points behind barack obama. which is a statistical tie. these numbers are reflected on as well, for likely voters.

the world series rolls over for obama

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

game 6 of the world series will be delayed by fox, the rupert murdoch owned station, so barack obama can have his 30 minutes before the u.s. audience. that is, if there’s a game 6. his ad buys on fox, cbs, and nbc amount to about 3 million dollars.

will this bolster barack obama? or is it analogous to hillary clinton’s one hour TV buy one night prior to Super Tuesday? which was staged managed within an inch of its life. will people love him more the more they see of him? or will this backfire on him in the way that his excellent adventure to europe did?

hillary clinton, failed DC bar, wants supreme court appointment

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

is this even possible? according to the ever reliable new york post, billary clinton are doing the bare minimum to get obama in the white house because mr. obama won’t guarantee that he’ll nominate hill to the supreme court. given that she has never served as a judge and failed the dc bar. what are the clintons thinking?

obama attacks bill clinton's economic legacy

Friday, September 26th, 2008

according to the financial times, during the presidential primaries, barack obama clearly laid the blame on the financial crisis that was unfolding on banking deregulation in the 1990s.

matt damon thinks because we watch his films we care what he thinks

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

the jason bourne movies are fabulous. especially the first and third films in the trilogy. and everyone’s hoping there will be a fourth. but although people like some of damon’s movies, that doesn’t mean they care about his political opinions. in this video damon talks about disney movies and hockey moms and creationism. yes matt, we know you went to harvard. but you didn’t graduate. did you flunk out? or did you leave voluntarily?

obama has about 3 days (if not 2) to reverse his slide. he’s 5 points down according to gallup, which means mccain got a 13 – 15 point bounce out of the republican national convention. while obama got an 8 point bounce.

maybe obama’s appearance on david letterman helped with the pig with lipstick gaffe. but he had better walk walk on pins in needles the way he did with hillary clinton during the primaries(who democratic women adore). because unlike clinton, who men across all parties view negatively and who republican women can’t stand with a capitol ‘can’t stand,’ men think palin is a guy’s girl and women across the board (54%) have a positive view of her.

but if obama is running for president. why is he spending so much time talking about john mccain’s VP? sounds like a political mistake.

accelerated media

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

been working out this concept–this theme, called accelerated media. it used to be, at least in the case of politics, when one trailblazer went down, those standing in the rafters had about 2 – 4 years to take the experiences of the pioneer (both bad and good) and turn it to their own advantage.

now that sarah palin has been picked by john mccain to be the first female on a republican ticket, and quite possibly the first woman vice president of the united states, we see that the republican ticket and palin herself have the luxury of rolling through an endless sea of information on how a woman can or cannot win a national campaign because hillary has already conducted their market research. now they know, frumpy and scary does not work. but kazuo kawasaki designer glasses do. although frumpy does seem to work for angela merkel in germany. but what does this tell us about deutschland?