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worst james bond film ever now on dvd

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

in honor of ‘quantum of solce’ (aka, the worst james bond film ever) having been released on dvd worldwide this month. we would like to post some of the reviews of this film and refer you to the comment sections where time and time again fans say, that this is by far the worst james bond film ever, with ‘casino royale’ (the daniel craig version) being the second worst and daniel craig himself being the worst.

about a decade ago, there was a documentary on the bond films that was basically about the late cubby broccoli. and his offspring who took over from him said the only instructions he ever gave them was, “don’t fuck it up.” and well, it looks like they have.

the last two films have abandoned all that made bond the film that bond fans loved to see opening weekend. bond is like a rugged wolverine type. there’s no ‘shaken not stirred’ martini, Q is gone, money penny ist weg, the gadgets have disappeared, and bond no longer utters the phrase ‘bond, james bond.’ all the fun has been completely sucked out of the films as the producers go in search of the jason bourne fans.

the independent says it best. “macho bond is fun free.” the daily mail calls this sad excuse for a bond film, the quantum of nonesense. this london times interview actually is an okay interview. but you need to scroll down to the bottom to read the scathing fan reviews.