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who is alvin greene and why do the u.s. democrats want him gone

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

not gone as in a mafioso kinda way. here’s a little background. alvin greene, a 13 year veteran of the military won 59% of the vote in the south carolina democratic primary for the u.s. senate last week. greene, despite having spent less than 2 thousand dollars on his campaign handily won the primary. one would think that the dems would be excited that a black guy with a very limited budget beat out a white guy with loads of campaign money. and could be the first african american senator from the southern u.s. since reconstruction.

but people, including representative james clyburn, house whip in congress –who is also black, is demanding an investigation. he and other members of the democratic party have asked alvin greene to pull out of the race. apparently the plain spoken greene is getting a bit under their collar. and they think he cannot win. not just because he’s got no money. but also because of a pending trial that could land him in prison. and maybe also for the dems, alvin greene is too black for them. whatever that means. remember back to 2007 when barack obama wasn’t black enough? where is this world going?

shouldn’t greene having won despite the odds be a testament to the great political system in the u.s.? the triump of the little guy over the big machine? wouldn’t it be great if he could beat the odds and win in november too? alvin greene won the south carolina primary carrying 59% of the vote. how cool is that?