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news corp fights for life?

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

last week, news of the world, a 168 year old newspaper was closed down due to a phone hacking scandal the roots of which date back to 2007. the question now is, why after 4 years is this becoming an international issue?

under pressure, rupert murdoch withdrew his bid for the remainder of bskyb he doesn’t already own. and there are unconfirmed rumours that he might sell off his newspapers in the uk.

the guardian newspaper –always a reliable source, is running a story today which claims elisabeth murdoch, who once was heir to the throne controlled by her father, reportedly said that her brother james murdoch fucked the company.

u.s. newspapers are reporting that the fbi and/or the justice department want to investigate whether or not the phones of 9/11 victims were hacked too. which seems unlikely. although we never closely followed news of the world, we actually prefer other tabloids such as the weekly world news, the national enquirer, us weekly, bild zeitung, 20minuten and the daily mail. but if we had been, we suspect that the 9/11 hacking claim is baseless. but we have no real info about this. and even the washington post questions the allegation.

but it is curious that news corporation, which owns fox news in the u.s.–one of the few conservative media companies in the states and one of the few news organizations that dares to criticize the obama administration, might implode prior to the 2012 presidential election.

this implosion started with the firing of glenn beck–the populist, whose popular talk-television news program was recently axed by the network. beck, who started the 9/12 club, and is a favorite with the tea party movement, had a huge following and managed to scare up a couple of million folks for a ‘take back america’ rally last year in washington d.c.

let the conspiracy theories begin.


new york magazine ready to write rupert murdoch's obituary

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

the cover of this week’s new york magazine features a black and white foto of rupert murdoch with the headline ‘the endgame’ written in bloodred. murdoch celebrates his 71st birthday this week. so it seems fair game to wonder out loud who could replace rupert murdoch. on the surface, all roads point to james murdoch. but perhaps murdoch knows the real reason james murdoch never graduated from harvard.

the magazine speculates on what could happen to the highly successful cable t.v. station, fox news in america. it is the big cash cow (if not the only cash cow) of newscorp. it is for sure that his children will cave into the pressure of their liberal leaning london friends and seek to gut it by offering a talk show to the likes of steven bing and al snore–we mean, gore.