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another problem in louisiana the jena 6 possible prison for school fight

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

thursday, thousands of african americans descended on a small town in louisiana to voice their outrage about the possibility that a group of black teens –all around 15 and 16 when the fight took place, might end up in prison for a tit-for-tat school yard fight in which they allegedly beat up a white teen. additional background on the case can be found here. if you are interested in donating money to the legal fund you can follow this link.


u.s. teen may get 20 years for school fight

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

why is it that an animal rights activist in holland can get 15 years in prison for assasinating a politician, but an african-american u.s. teen who gets in a school fight over a racial incident is, according to the associate press, looking at 20 years behind bars?
unfortunately, yahoo has taken this original link down. you can read more about the case on the bbc websites.