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upgrading fringe for season 2

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

isn’t it great that fringe has been picked up for a second season? and that leonard nimoy will now have a reoccuring role? but now what? is there anyway to get the show out of the CSI/miami vice loop. you know, where every episode is essentially the same.

the beauty of the x-files was not only its quirkiness was that every episode was a bit of a surprise. there was the alien mythology episodes that came and went. there were the horror inspired ones and the drug inspired ones. then there were the humorous ones. hell, even in the 6th season, we discovered that an episode could be written without mulder in it and still be quirky and good.

what is the solution for fringe? what would you tell j.j. abrams. plz give walter bishop more airtime. plz figure out what massive dynamics really is. give the blond chick less airtime and make her more rounded. hell, we even met scully’s brother and bits of her family over the years. don’t these people even have friends?


weak link in fringe let go?

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

has kirk acevedo, one of the weakest links in the j.j. abrams produced series ‘fringe,’ may be on the outs.

love ‘fringe’ because its the only remotely sci-fi/x-files-esque show on tv at the moment. ‘fringe’ has great problem with the first season is that in virtually every single episode someone ends up in a chair with a thing strapped to his head, a la dr. frankenstein. the show could do better than that and move further into the abstract nether. the blond chick gets too much air-time. joshua jackson’s character needs to be more developed. he’s quite flat at the moment. and the show should be given to walter bishop. he’s the only actor that makes the camera dance. the head of the agency could stand to be let go to. and aren’t you tired of hearing about massive dynamic? is it code for general dynamics?

but maybe the move to canada will free up some funds so the producers and writers can add an additional dimension to the show.