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john hughes RIP

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

this is being posted late due to shock. john hughes. hadn’t thought about him since 1991. doesn’t he look a little bit like jonathan franzen, who was also born in suburban chicago? what is up with that?

the great thing about john hughes’ films are that they are unapologetically suburban. nothing bad ever happens. nobody gets shot and no drug dealers ever show up. –although coke (and not the beverage) briefly made an appearance in ‘pretty in pink’ –but he didn’t direct that one. anyway. it’s all just like how the majority of americans grow up.

someone recently gave me a book on 80s films. while thumbing through it (after hearing of hughes’ death), i suddenly realized that all his stuff had been left out. but rambo and sly stallone and flashdance were all well represented. where was molly ringwold? –the girl whose hipster style captured the imagination of suburban teens across suburban u.s.? yeah, his films were seemingly fluffy. but what’s the harm in that?