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john mccain during 2008 presidential election

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

john mccain talks about the media and politicans and how he made the mistake of being too accessible to the u.s. media.


u.s. senate votes 85 – 13 against vat

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

the u.s. senate, led my john mccain, has voted 85-13 against the u.s. taking paul volcker’s advice and introducing a value added tax. unfortunately, this is a non-binding resoltuion. according to the hill rag. but hopefully it has sent the president a message.

have matt damon's politcal views made him the next george clooney at the boxoffice?

Monday, March 15th, 2010

long headline. whew. matt damon famously took a potshot at sarah palin in 2008 when she and john mccain were running for vp and president of the united states against joe biden and damon’s pal barack obama. obama is pals with the oceans team. this has been proved by the number of times brad pitt and george have visited the white house over the past year.

irregardless. damon’s last 3 movies (including the just opened greenzone) have all been huge flops. greenzone’s dismall $14M opener in the united states means it makes anti-war iraq themed movies 0 – 20 (or maybe it’s more like 8). but we will point out that greenzone’s 3 day gross equals the hurt locker’s lifetime gross. damon will most likely find his legs again. he’s a pretty good actor when he wants to be. and people will forget the other stuff, maybe. it could be that invictus didn’t work like gangbusters because americans aren’t interested in rugby. and it could be that greenzone died on the vine because americans (still) don’t want to pay to see something (the iraq war) that they have been watching on television for the past 7 years.

read the comment section under this yahoo article. bear in mind, that after a while, the yahoo links expire. because, well, yahoo kinda sucks sometimes, doesn’t it.

no filibuster proof u.s. congress

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

the run-off election in georgia has produced a republican winner. saxby chambliss beat jim martin by 60 to 40%. sarah palin, mitt romney, mike huckabee and john mccain all went down to georgia to help seal the deal while barack obama didn’t make the trip, but allowed his voice to be used in radio advertisements. so the democratic party will not get 60 votes in the senate and it will be possible for the republicans to block bills passed by the house. the check and balance system does work.

is it true what karl rove said, that barack obama has reverse coattails in the south?

editor of newsweek drops by fox news

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

you know the magazine must be hurting when jon meacham goes on hannity and colmes to push newsweek magazine (as well as his new book). you can located the video of this exchange about the similarities between obama and lincoln (NOT) on fox news.

here are the similarities between obama and lincoln. lincoln had only served for 2 years in the house of representatives. barack obama served for less than 2 years in the senate prior to running for the presidency. abraham lincoln was the first republican president. barack obama is the first black president. both studied law. so we’ve got the neophyte bit covered and the first one of something covered. and they both served a term (or in obama’s case almost a full term) in the federal government representing the state of illinois. but the similarities end because the operative word is that abraham lincoln was a member of the GOP.

lincoln had a legal career which spanned 2 decades. during which he argued numerous landmark cases. the cases on which obama has worked have so far not been scrutinized by the press or revealed by his former law firm.

during his campaign abraham lincoln and stephan p. douglas debated in an endless series of town hall meetings famously called the lincoln-douglass debates. something that barack obama refused to engage in with john mccain. it is conceivable, that obama would’ve prevailed and could’ve turned a modest win into a landslide of ronald reagan proportions. but we’ll never know.

but one thing’s for certain, this newsweek barack obama cover story is uncritical.

obama skips bretton woods 2

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

the g-20 summit that’s taken place this weekend in washington dc is being billed as bretton woods 2. all the heads of state of the 20 most economically relevant nations have descended on washington and barack obama is tucked away in chicago. or perhaps hiding.

so what was the original bretton woods? set forth in 1944, the meeting of key nations was attended by 730 representatives of 44 nations and was organized by franklin d. roosevelt and winston churchill in the hope to establish economic cooperation. the meeting established a set of rules and regulations surrounding the international monetary system. a general description can be found here.

it is possible that george w. bush set up the meeting for this particular time partially for political reasons. had john mccain prevailed and become president of the united states, the meeeting would’ve reassured global markets. and perhaps bush and his handlers also took into consideration that if barack obama won (as he did), he would be hardpressed to prepare for such a monumental meeting and with george w. bush leading the event, obama’s stature within the community would be diminished.

4 million less voters in 2008 than in 2004

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

with all the hoopla surrounding the election. and images of long lines. in 2008, 117 million people voted, 4 million less than who voted in 2004. barack obama has won the presidential election with 62 million to john mccain’s 55 million votes. in 2004, george w. bush won with 62 million and john kerry racked up 59 million votes. so about 4 million people sat this one out.

the final count is 63m to 56m. so 3 million less voters turned out in 2004 than in 2008.

john mccain and obama saturday night live montage

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

this is pretty funny.

b-list actors go to missouri to tell folks how to vote

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

ryan philippe, aka the ex-mr. reese witherspoon, is in suburban st. louis today with c-list actress olivia wilde to tell missourites they should vote for you know who. the two actors, who have most likely never stepped foot in flyover country, probably couldn’t even locate missouri on a map prior to barack obama pointing it out to them (obama only knows where it is because he lives in neighboring illinois).

john mccain’s vice presidential running mater, sarah palin puts in an appearnce in more rural missouri today with hank williams, jr.