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bill o’reilly goes to bat

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

bill o’reilly and roger ailes go to bat for juan williams after his outster from the u.s. radio network, n.p.r. juan was taken to task by the station for making what his superiors believed to be an inappropriate comment. the specifics of which have been thoroughly explored over the past day and a half.

and as we here don’t simply express an opinion but dress down opinions, we’re here to talk about juan williams’ expanded role with fox news. now everyone knows that for most people working at or even listening to npr is more a labour of love than anything else. or a labour of hate – depending on which side of the political spectrum you fall under.

in juan williams’ expanded role with the rupert murdoch network, williams will sit in for bill o’reilly once-a-week and do a back-and-forth with him a la glenn beck once-a-week. guess juan just made out like a bandit.

we at a blog about whatever believer npr provides a lot of quality programming and offers listeners an alternative resource for news that fills avoid. its always good to have a variety of POVs on the airwaves. the ceo of npr defends her POV regarding the juan william situation. you can watch her interview here.