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berlin mayor klaus wowereit under fire

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

klaus wowereit, the current mayor of berlin, the capital of the largest economy in the european union, is under attack by those within his political party and outside of his political party due to a possible taking favors scandal.

it’s been uncovered by a berlin newspaper that klaus wowereit accepted a ride 2 times on a private jet owned by a prominent germany businessman. both times for a trip to london. the newspaper reports that the cost per trip was around 5600 EUR (about 7000 dollars per).

der tagesspiegel writes that wowereit (known as wowei to clueless berliners) also took a vacation at manfred schmidt’s sprawling villa in spain. the name manfred schmidt is important because alleged favours from manfred schmidt to the former president of germany (christian wullf) led to wulff’s recent resignation.


germany center-left party loses 14 percent in berlin

Monday, September 28th, 2009

in the federal election in germany, the center left-party, the spd, lost 14 percentage points in the country’s capital, berlin. what does this mena for klaus wowereit, mayor of berlin, who had hoped to take over the party? last night, during his speech, frank walter-steinmeier asserted that he wanted to be the head of spd. according to germany’s bild zeitung, this will be determined during the december elections. the huge loss for the spd nationally is a legacy of the schroeder-fischer years when the spd and the green parties pushed through highly unpopular reforms. such as raising the retirement age from 65 to 67 and reforming the social welfare system. in berlin (which incidentally, is both a city and a state), the SPD is tied for second with the anti-capitalist party, die linke (the left party) and is 2 percentage points behind the CDU.

it would be a grave mistake for the spd to make wowereit, the partying mayor, head of their party. if you look at the numbers, it doesn’t really make any sense. considering the state of the capital, which has the highest unemployment of any city in germany and the biggest debt and that the party is now basically number 3 in the city wowereit heads. but perhaps his pending grab for party leadership is part of his attempt to become germany’s first gay head of state.