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michelle obama getting fat

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

the economist mistakenly believes michelle obama has disappeared because the white house is hiding her, for fear she could become a lighting rod as hillary clinton did during bill clinton’s administration. but judging by these photos in london, the real reason is that michelle has been enjoying the down home cooking in the white house. laura bush packed on a few pounds during bush the second’s administration, but those quickly melted away as the international incidents kept rolling through the white house. hopefully that won’t be necessary for michelle obama to lose weight. the best thing about the daily mail photos is the picture at the bottom. the caption muses as to whether or not michelle is wearing a girdle. does any of this stuff really matter. in the grand scheme of things no. but during this credit crunch/financial crisis if we can’t find one or two things to snicker about regarding this very unfunny first family, this is gonna be a really long recession.


newsweek and the first family

Monday, April 28th, 2008

i’ve been trying to watch these videos on newsweek about the first family. everytime i get to the bit about teaching and jenna bush speaking it breaks off and loads the reverend wright video. hopefully they’ll fix that shortly. i like the clip on children’s books.

i seem to recall having seen far more stories about the first family while bill clinton was president. what was up with that. to tell you the truth, laura bush and the bush twins are well liked. and people even like dubya as a person if they don’t actually agree with him with the disaster that is iraq.