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bourne ultimatium what james bond hopes to be

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

i haven’t seen this film yet. i’m debating on whether or not to pay far too much money to catch it in a theatre with people i wouldn’t even let in my apartment building or just watching it at home on my video beamer. the first two films, i quite enjoyed. clive owen was great in the first film and unfortunately it took til the second film for franka potente to be taken out. although i liked the second movie, they kinda lost me during the over-the-top car chase in moscow. it’s unfortunate that the trailer for the movie only focuses on the americans in the cast. there are some fine international actors in the supporting cast. so somehow i’ve managed to write this whole piece without uttering the name of that guy who got famous doing ‘good will hunting.’ i’m not a fan. but i’ll admit when a movie is good. and i’ll admit when a film is bad, like ‘departed’. can you say sms, the movie? the best thing about the film was mark wahlberg and his silly faux-preppy haircut.